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Passive House Design

Our difference: You are not alone

Izabela – the company director has always had a strong interest in sustainable products and cost effective building methods. “As a wife and mum of 2 vibrant boys I know the right home design can simplify your life and be a positive influence. I also know personally the stress, frustration, satisfaction and joy of designing and building your own home. When I started to design and build of our family house with SIP panels I have learned a lot not only about the product itself but also about the whole process of contract administration, variations and hidden costs of building. I know I can help my clients to go through that road more smoothly and in more control.

Our pricing:

We are often asked how much it cost to work with us? At Studio Origami we are being upfront with you from our very first meeting to ensure your budget can realistically achieve your project goals. We have developed our fee system to suit your budget and level of service required. Our goal is to deliver great quality and value design to every project and help you guide you through areas that you want to be in charge yourself.

Our process:

We are very fortunate to work with great SIP builders who see things our way. A Builder’s involvement from the very start is the single best step to take if you want to make sure your design comes on budget. We have also developed the tendering process in a different way to make sure that we keep your budget on track and have better control of the whole build.

Do you have a specific style?

Our inspirations and design ideas are driven by crisp, elegantly minimal, simple shapes and clean lines that take into consideration the use of space and craftsmanship of materials

Does sustainable home design cost more?

This will depend on how far you want to go but one of the most important things to remember is that investing upfront can save over long term. A well design home with passive solar design, good zoning and efficient materials costs much less on bills for life. Another important consideration for the cost is size of your home. Reduced footprint is always going to cost less then ‘ordinary’ home. Smaller homes can very often offer a higher level of finish and better living comfort with less energy to run.

What is PassiveHouse

PassiveHouse is a world leading standard in energy efficient design. It is focused on Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Quality assurance and provides a home that can be affordably kept at a comfortable temperature all year long.

Who is a Certified PassiveHouse Designer

Certified Passive House Designer brings the detailed knowledge and a methodical approach needed to design a Passive house. They are trained in building science that includes thermal comfort, energy balance, infilatration, solar gains, internal gains, heat load and climate. 


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