The brief was to add space for growing family and create a bedroom space for 3 kids upstairs and open plan living – activity area on the ground. They wanted a space that if you sit in the living room you feel you are almost outdoors, catching morning sun and butterflies.

Open Plan that connects to outdoors

This small bungalow house needed space and its owners were very keen on a modular house extension that will be quick to build and save them a hassle of moving out for too long. In a nice pocket of Bayswater in Perth were green trees give nice privacy from neighbours we wanted the new space to be modern yet robust, something that will blend in well with the surrounding greenery. The Inverted L shape extension would give them much needed extra space for kids and area to gather with family on the ground floor where they could have big dinner parties and enjoy kids playing while being all connected. Upper floor overhang creates extra shade and weather protection and allows for the living space to be extended further. Simple lines and contrast timber cladding to the new part sets this building apart and creates a truly unique space.

Key features

  • Open plan living area, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study and lounge

  • (existing house floor area 78m2, added area 118m2)

  • 482m2 site area

  • Outdoor area that extends the living space

  • Airtight SIP panel Construction with ERV system for ventilation

  • Double glazed windows