It’s almost springtime in Perth but think for a minute how chilly it was this winter. Have you had a chance to notice that your home would get cold very quick after you turn your air-con off? If this is a case then it is worth considering how leaky your home may be.

In Australia air leaking is a relatively new concept but the consequences of not addressing this may impact on your energy bills significantly.

The average new build home in Perth has 25.5 air changes per hour according to study done last year by Michael Ambrose and Mike Syme/ Procedia Engineering.

It’s the highest value in the country and even with Hobart having an average rate of 7.9 ACH@50Pa we are still higher than maximum allowed in most of Europe and USA.

With PassiveHouse leading standard of 0.6 ACH@50Pa

When deciding on a new build it is important to consider the aspect of airtightness and how it can improve our living .

For further reading on the  effects of air leakage in homes, see this 2012 ACT Government low income housing energy efficiency case study project

Its a great read if you want to understand this problem more.

Tessa Eckersley